We began in a home photo-lab as a small business in 1982. In 1991, PMA purchased the remains of an aerospace & metal etching company and entered into the world of photo-chemical machining.  Today, PMA offers design and manufacturing services in industrial nameplates, thin metal parts and architectural signage which includes the new ADA relief signage required by Federal law in all public buildings.  In addition, we just opened a new division in laser services.

PMA’s customer base is international in nature.  We were the only company in the U.S. able to meet the needs of the 1996 Olympic Wall design in Atlanta. Other projects include the Holocaust Museum, NFL headquarters in New York, and thousands of both large and small sign projects throughout the U.S. Recently PMA manufactured the entire ADA etched metal signs for the Arizona Cardinals new NFL stadium in aluminum and zinc.  Our commercial etching customers order encoder discs, lead frames, semi- conductor parts, screens and scrap-booking metal dies.

These are just a few of the commercial etching applications manufactured here in Phoenix, Arizona under 25,000 sq. feet of manufacturing space with a capability of expanding to 75,000 sq. feet.

Our environmental treatment process is a state-of-the-art on-site facility that re-purposes all hazardous materials into multi-use products and completely renders them safe for the environment. None or our chemicals go to public waste water facilities, our spent acids are re-cycled or regenerated to prevent pollution of our air or water. This investment was sizable; however, we feel it is our responsibility to future generations.

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