What is it?

Photometals is an anodized aluminum media that has been coated with silver salts much like old “tin type” technology in early photography.
When exposed and developed, the image created using film, causes the image to turn black. While the pores of the metal are still open, we can add anodizing color to the background. Anodizing colors are inorganic and meant for indoor use, otherwise, the plate will eventually revert back to black and silver. The final step is to seal the image inside the metal. This is done with a violent boiling solution that softens the anodic layer causing it to close the pores. The result is an image captured in the metal rather than on the metal which gives it excellent resistance to solvents,several chemicals and UV.


Another advantage to photometals is the ability to capture crisp,minute detail, even photographs. Once film is generated for the graphic required, it can be used over and over again as in nameplates. Repeatability offers short run advantages over more expensive set-ups such as silkscreening. There is no need for ordering 1000 piece minimum runs and having to put money on the shelf. Our customers order pieces as they need them.

Photometals is available in thicknesses from .003″-.125″ thick with satin or matte finsishes.