Precision Etched Parts for Aerospace

Photo Chemical Machining for Aerospace Industry

Need tight tolerances?  High quality materials?  Superior customer service?  At PMA PHOTOMETALS we deliver these qualities to our customers in the aerospace industry every day.  Custom parts manufactured using chemical etching to meet our customers’ design requirements and tight tolerances including material thicknesses from less than 1 mil up to 1/4 inch- we give aerospace companies (whether Tier I, II or III) – fantastic options for reliable quality and lead times. 

From custom complex components to dimensional shims and washers, photo chemical machining is often the most economical way to produce products requiring high precision in both low and large volumes.  Low cost tooling, low cost prototyping, easy revisions to designs prior to production – all are benefits to using photo chemical machining.  Photo chemical machining also provides the advantage of leaving the internal structure of the metal unchanged.  The properties of the metal including hardness, grain structure and ductility of the metal are all preserved throughout the process.  Aerospace companies receive burr free, stress free components from PMA PHOTOMETALS.

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