Precision Etched Parts for Manufacturing

Photo chemical machining is often the most efficient and cost-effective way to produce thin metal parts used in a variety of manufactured products.  From gears and sprockets, to shims or washers – PMA PHOTOMETALS can produce large volumes of everyday thin metal parts used in a variety of applications in an inexpensive, yet high quality manner.  PMA PHOTOMETALS can also produce very intricate, precise thin metal parts with exacting standards for manufacturers as well.  With etching capability to less than 1 mil, and up to 1/4 inch material, PMA PHOTOMETALS is the partner manufacturers rely on.

Beyond precision parts, PMA PHOTOMETALS also produces nameplates and other information placards using metal or synthetic flexible materials for manufacturers of all kinds (consumer, commercial or industrial products). 

Utilizing in-house capabilities and talent as well as access to our metal processing partners, many of whom we have worked alongside for over 40 years – we can assist with forming, plating, anodizing, passivation, heat-treating, and many other additional finishing services, including retail packaging.

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