Precision Etched Parts for Utilities

PMA PHOTOMETALS is a leader in the photo chemical machining industry for public and private utilities (gas, electric, water) and the energy (solar, wind, oil, gas & coal) industries overall.  PMA PHOTOMETALS is aware of the importance of American energy producers and utilities – as it truly supports our infrastructure, our businesses, and our residences.  PMA PHOTOMETALS’ strict adherence to quality production, lead times and efficient processes to keep pricing low makes PMA PHOTOMETALS the ideal manufacturing partner for these leading industries.

Thin metal parts requiring precision including metal gaskets, seals, shims, electrical contacts, flat springs, bus bars, circuit board shields, connectors, heat sinks, and washers – are all parts PMA PHOTOMETALS produces for energy-producing firms, utility equipment manufacturers, and utility companies.

For custom products, PMA PHOTOMETALS’ low-cost tooling, prototyping capabilities, flexibility, and capacity for both small production runs as well as very large production runs makes it the ideal manufacturing partner for utility and energy-producing companies.

In addition to custom precision metal products, PMA PHOTOMETALS is also a leader in producing long-lived industrial labeling (using metal or synthetic flexible materials), including meter tags, equipment identification labels, safety & warning signage, and labels.

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