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Our team is as committed as you are making your ideas, tangible. Each project is started in an efficient and timely manner involving you every step of the way. There isn’t a question that cannot be asked, and each step in the process is communicated, creating a project that you’ll be proud to showcase.

It's All in the Details

With decades of experience, our trained professionals work extremely hard to pull off the inevitable. There isn’t a project too large, or small that we haven’t pulled off. The impeccable eye for detail and efficiently creates metal art-forms that last a lifetime.

Project Experiences

Enjoy a preview of some of our top projects and how they came to be, throughout the creative process and a closer look into what is exactly involved in pulling off iconic artworks.

Tuft and Needle Photowall

A large-scale photograph was taken before the space was remodeled to show what that part of the interior of the historical downtown Phoenix building looked like beforehand. PMA’s graphics team split the image into 49 separate files, then our production team created the Metalphoto® prints. The customer had a contractor install them in order to reveal the large photograph that can last as long as the building stands.

Name + Faceplates

Product and equipment name plates serve to identify a brand, product, place, name, number and more.

Specialty Metal Parts

Thin metal parts and gauges, including aerospace parts, mechanical parts and a variety of knobs and dials.

Labels + Tags

The applications are endless, and include plate tags, identification tags, inspection tags, hang tags, survey and elevator tags.

Signs, Plaques + Placards

Product and equipment name plates serve to identify a brand, product, place, name, number and more.

Metal Cutting Dies

Deep-etched dies which can be used for industrial tooling quickly and consistently, using materials such as paper, thin metals, leather and much more.

Custom Artwork

Most digital artwork may be turned into a tangible project or piece of art. We’d love to hear about it!

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