Photo Metal Prints

Print digital black-and-white photos or artwork on metal!  Turn any digital images into high-quality, long-lasting, lightweight, waterproof, and scratch and fade-resistant greyscale anodized aluminum home décor art.

Memories That Last a Lifetime

Family portraits, pictures from your phone or social media, wedding invitations, birth announcements, digital artwork, landscape photography, motivational quotes, man cave signs, movie/music/sports images, logos, and so much more!

Custom Photo Prints on Metal

We expose your image like a photograph onto Metalphoto® anodized aluminum sheets. The outcome is a durable, UV-stable, and abrasion, heat, and weather resistant final product that will last a lifetime indoors (and more than 20 years outdoors).

Our standard metal prints are available in any size up to 11.875”x19.875” (larger sizes are available for an additional charge), and in either a satin or a matte finish (matte finish is ideal for photographs, as the non-black colors are more reflective on satin).

Metal thicknesses range from 0.012” to 0.032” (thinner and thicker sizes are available, prices vary – please call or email to inquire). 0.12” and 0.20” are ideal thicknesses if the metal print will be framed. 0.32” or 0.64” are ideal thicknesses if the metal print will not be framed.

For additional charges the corners can be rounded, holes for hanging can be pre-punched, color tones can be added, and/or an adhesive sheet can be to the back of the metal print.

The quality of the metal print is dependent upon the resolution of the image you upload. The higher the resolution, the better. If an image must be enlarged to fit the size of your desired metal print, please understand the final product may come out blurry or grainy. Acceptable file formats include .ai, .cdr, .jpg, .bmp, .tif, .png, or .pdf.

We have a $100 order minimum, so customers are encouraged to maximize their investment (lowest cost per print) by ordering minimum quantity combinations that optimize our standard metal stock. Examples include one 11”x14” print, two 8”x10” prints, four 5”x7” prints, six 4”x6” prints, one 8”x10” and two 5”x7” prints, one 8”x10” and three 4”x6” prints, or one 8”x10”, one 5”x7”, and one 4”x6” print.

Have More Questions?

Most projects have very specific needs, and we’re happy to answer any and all of your questions! Drop us a line and one of our expert estimators generally returns your message
or gives you a call within 24-48 hours.