Cutting Dies

Thin metal deep-etched cutting dies for manufacturing and industrial tooling for a fraction of the cost of steel rule dies.

Precise Cuts Every Time!

Photometals also manufactures deep etched cutting dies which can be used as industrial tooling for quickly and consistently cutting materials such as paper and fabric to thin metals, leather, cardboard, plastics, rubber, and more.

Dies for Industrial Tooling

For manufacturers, fabricators, and makers our dies can be used as tooling for quickly and consistently cutting, stamping, creasing, or perforating thin components such as decals and labels, cardboard packaging and dividers, gaskets, fabric shapes, thin metal parts, paper cards and invitations, foam inserts and backing, and so much more.

For as little as 10% of the cost of a steel rule die, think of all the additional design variations you could offer your customers or how much faster and more affordably you could prototype new designs using our deep etched dies!

Are you a steel rule die manuafcturer? Expand your product offerings and prototype cheaper and faster.

For die manufacturers, our thin metal deep etched cutting dies can complement and expand your existing offerings in cases where steel rule and other traditional dies either exceed the customer budget or are an over-engineered solution. They can also simply be a much faster and less expensive prototyping solution for your steel rule dies. Photometals would like to partner with you to manufacture your customers’ designs.

Order your deep etched cutting dies today!

Our standard .020 thick deep etched cutting dies are incredibly economical.  Our customer service, sales and technical representatives are standing by to help.  Call us today at (877) 897-7575 or send us an email  at for pricing, specifications, consultation and more.

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