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Our team is as committed as you are making your ideas, tangible. Each project is started in an efficient and timely manner involving you every step of the way. There isn’t a question that cannot be asked, and each step in the process is communicated creating a project that you’ll be proud of.

Metal At It's Finest

With decades of experience, our trained professionals work extremely hard to pull off the inevitable. There isn’t a project too large, or small that we haven’t pulled off. The impeccable eye for detail and efficiently creates metal art-forms that last a lifetime.

Timeless Artwork

With our help, it is now possible to have a photograph or any digital design any size to last a lifetime. Our surfaces are easy to clean, stay vibrant, are hard to damage or bend. Even better, each piece is easy to mount or frame.

Specialty Equipment Parts

Have you ever wondered how the gauges in an airplane cockpit are all perfectly in place and aligned? Or, how the circular measuring gauges on a handsaw come to fruition? Photometals is proud to say we have been successfully applying an extensive portfolio of projects like this, since 1982, in our aerospace and industrial industries. Each cut is precise, and sized accurately to fit any space or machine.

Customize Your Biggest Idea

Is it a metal business card you’d like, a large scale family photo, an oversized piece of office decor or customized nameplates for your next big event that you’d like to showoff? The possibilities are endless and we’re here to bring that idea to life.

Equipment Identifiers

Most high level pieces of equipment require an identification tag or label by law. We’ve produced millions! Photometals offers design and manufacturing services in industrial nameplates, thin metal parts and architectural signage, which include the new ADA relief signage required by Federal law in all public buildings.


Photometals is part of the PMA Industries, Inc. family of companies. We are located near downtown in Phoenix, Arizona and have been in business since 1982. We manufacture photosensitive anodized aluminum Metalphoto®, etched metal, screen printed, and vinyl products and parts to hundreds of customers worldwide for dozens of industries including manufacturing, machining, fabrication, signage, product distribution, government agencies, contracting, graphic design, printing, real estate, retail, and more.


Photometals makes hundreds of different products and parts including name plates, face plates, data plates, serial number plates, labels, tags, placards, signs, aerospace and other thin metal parts and gauges, deep etched metal cutting dies, and so much more.

Our Metalphoto® and etched metal products are customizeable and are available in a variety of metals, finishes, sizes, thicknesses, shapes, and colors. Holes can be pre-punched, corners can be pre-rounded, adhesive can be added to the back to ensure they adhere properly to a variety of surfaces, and we can package and ship them any sub-quantity you desire.

Name + Faceplates

Product and equipment name plates serve to identify a brand, product, place, name, number and more.

Specialty Metal Parts

Thin metal parts and gauges, including aerospace parts, mechanical parts and a variety of knobs and dials.

Labels + Tags

The applications are endless, and include plate tags, identification tags, inspection tags, hang tags, survey and elevator tags.

Signs, Plaques + Placards

Product and equipment name plates serve to identify a brand, product, place, name, number and more.

Metal Cutting Dies

Deep-etched dies which can be used for industrial tooling quickly and consistently, using materials such as paper, thin metals, leather and much more.

Custom Artwork

Most digital artwork may be turned into a tangible project or piece of art. We’d love to hear about it!

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No project is too big, or too small to discuss. Drop us a line or give us a call and we’ll get the creative wheels spinning. One of our on-site experts generally are in touch within 24 hours.

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